Using Homebrew

Homebrew is the package manager for MacOS(or linux). On devices using homebrew, you can easily install/update using the brew command.

Install homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install dalfox

brew install dalfox


Using Snapcraft

Snapcraft is one of the packaging managers for Linux. Unlike app and yum, it can be used independently of the deployment OS version.

Install Snapcraft

Please check this documents

Install dalfox

sudo snap install dalfox

From source

go install

# The actual release might slightly differ. This is because go install references the main branch.

Using Docker

Dalfox provides docker images by version. It can be used lightly with less capacity.

docker pull hahwul/dalfox:latest

if you installed it, using like this command

docker run -it hahwul/dalfox:latest /app/dalfox url

or live in docker

docker run -it hahwul/dalfox:latest /bin/bash