Parameter Mining

Parameter Mining

(Default) Gf-Patterns and DOM Mining

Dalfox performs parameter mining by default when scanning. This is based on the Gf-patterns XSS parameter and custom/remote word list is available depending on flag usage. In addition, there is a Mining function through DOM Analysis, which is also the default mining.

Use custom wordlist

▶ dalfox url --mining-dict-word=./params.txt

Use remote wordlist

▶ dalfox url --remote-wordlists=burp,assetnote

Supported resources

  • burp : Use wordlist of Param Miner in BurpSuite
  • assetnote : Use wordlist of Assetnote

Disable Mining

Disable DOM-Mining

▶ dalfox url --skip-mining-dom

Disable Dict Mining (Gf-Patterns)

▶ dalfox url --skip-mining-dict

Disable All Mining Process

▶ dalfox url --skip-mining-all