Result JSON Format

      "type":"Type of PoC (G/R/V)",
      "inject_type":"Injected Point",
      "method":"HTTP Method",
      "data":"PoC URL",
      "payload":"Attack Value",
      "evidence":"Evidence with response body",
      "cwe":"CWE ID",
      "severity": "Severity (Low/Medium/High)"
Key Description List
type Type - G (Grep)
- R (Reflected)
- V (Verified)
inject_type Injected point - inHTML-none (Injected in HTML area)
- inJS-none (Injected in Javascript area)
- inJS-double (Injected within " in Javascript area)
- inJS-single (Injected within ' in Javascript area)
- inJS-backtick (Injected within backtic1k in Javascript area)
- inATTR-none (Injected within in Tag attribute area)
- inATTR-double (Injected within " in Tag attribute area)
- inATTR-single (Injected within ' in Tag attribute area)
poc_type Type of poc code - plain (URL)
- curl (Curl command)
- httpie (HTTPie command)
method HTTP Method - GET/POST/PUT/DELETE, etc…
data PoC (URL) - PoC URL
param Parameter name - Weak parameter name
payload Paramter value - Attack code in value
evidence Evidence with repsonse body - Simple codeview of where it’s injected in response body.
cwe CWE ID - Mapping CWE ID
severity Severity - Severity (Low/Medium/High)
    "type": "V",
    "inject_type": "inHTML-URL",
    "poc_type": "plain",
    "method": "GET",
    "data": "",
    "param": "cat",
    "payload": "'\"><img/src/onerror=.1|alert`` class=dalfox>",
    "evidence": "48 line:  syntax to use near ''\"><img/src/onerror=.1|alert`` class=dalfox>' at line 1",
    "cwe": "CWE-79",
    "severity": "High"